Red color blue color files Print display - Peopoly Phenom L

Hi Guys,

I am interrested in more infomation about the file names showed in color on the display when printing from a USB

Is it correct that the red once are 4k 90 um ? what about the blue files? and how do i go about always making them 4k 90um - red file on the display



hi, L is a 4K color screen with a resolution (pixel pitch) of 90um, which is temporarily not displayed on the touch screen.

If I recall correctly, in chitubox firmware the red text is the last selected print… don’t think it has anything to do with resolution. If you’re slicing with the correct settings in chitubox then all your prints should be sliced for the correct resolution on the phenom L.

Yes, the red text is the last selected print content and has nothing to do with the resolution.

Thanks a lot , that makes sense.!


Solved! thanks

Solved! thanks