Really Slow printing

I used the latest version of the Asura software and I am currently printing. After 2 hours it is on layer 4/1583, is it normal or I did anything wrong?

I use Asura exclusively for printing and I find that the first layer often takes an hour or mote to print depending on the area. The following layers go very much faster usually averaging less than a minute.
Take a look at layer speeds after the first. If it’s still really slow then there might be something wrong.

Thank you, I found that it is now averaging 3 minute per layer. Maybe it is going to increase more as it goes to the other layers.

It all depends on the settings. The first layer does take longer as its basically setting up the foundation for your print to ensure good adhesion to the build plate, Then after that it dose depend on the model, orientation and settings you have for the rest of the time.

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