Rashing print defect

May I please get some advise on how to resolve Rashing as in the picture?
Im trying to print a mound (concave hollow shape) but the wall keeps reproducing the defect.
I started with standard 100um FEP settings for Moai Clear, Moai 130 V1.18. I have since tried different parameters to no avail, including laser settings between 57 to 59, Z moto speed of 2, PM moto speed of 10, and print speed of 50, with or without heater.
I have also tried different bottles of clear resin, making sure to shake vigorously and heat for 1 hour before using. I have also cleaned the underside of the FEP vat and replaced the film with a new one. Tilting and moving into different sections of the build plate does not help either.

can you include all your settings from the printer, and also an example of the model and the orientation you are setting it please.

Thanks for your response. Please kindly see the attached.


does this happens after you clean and cure it, or it was there freshly after print ?

Freshly after print.

The lines seems random, check the resin for debris, filter it if you can
And try a different orientation

Thanks but I have done all of those already. I have even replaced the film and have already used/tried different/new bottles of resin. Tried different orientations and locations too.
Is there anything else I can try? Thanks!

When you have different orientation, is it the same place on the build plate or is it the same place on the model that have this “rash”
If it’s the same location on your model, the model file is bad
Have you tried a different shape? maybe a cube directly in the place that have this rash to see what’s happening