Rain-x on FEP, does not remain in the fep


My LCD printer use FEP film.
I bought on Amazon Rain-x, however, makes me different from what I read.

I smear with the spatula, but gathers in droplets, does not remain on fep
I also tried it on a acrylico panel, but does the same.

It will be a Rain-X fake clone ?

what printer exactly are you using? this is for Moai and Phenom users.

Sorry, similar but different brand.

okay, not meaning any offense but its probably better you ask this question for the specific printer forum / social media.

As far as I know RainX is simply a spray on PDMS layer, which means it will tear off after a few prints and you let to let it cure.

You are probably applying it incorrectly.

While this forum is for Peopoly brand printers, it would help to know which printer you are referring to as while resin printers can be generally the same, they have different options, hardware and assembly.

As far as adding some sort of coating on the FEP sheets, it is not officially recommended by us as you are adding an extra level of chemicals to the resin and that can affect the overall results.

While people are more than welcome to do as they will, we would not have any recommendations nor steps to take for this except for not to try it.