Question for Phenom owners who have done massive prints

Can someone who owns the machine and has experience how does phenom work with massive print’s which need more resin then the resin chamber holds?

With massive print I mean that overall volume of the print material is around 14 liters when phenom maximum capacity is around 17.2 liters

Are there any quirks regarding doing something this large on the machine? or does the adding resin and restarting print have quirks and does it show on print quality?

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you @Snowfly . What you can do is fill the resin up to the fill line, lower the build plate into the vat. Then you can add more resin.

You want to make sure to do it slowly so it does not overflow, and you want to do it when the plate is submerged so that the displacement of the plate is already happening.

You can make a mental note of the max fill line… then IF you happen to run out durring the print, before you add any resin you could heat some up to room temperature. (put the bottle in hot water). Pause the print, and then add more resin in.

Does Phenom have sensor which monitors the amount of the resin on the chamber?
If the machine doesn’t have sensor for the resin monitoring… does the control card have physical I/O pins for pause print? So I could build logic for monitoring the resin amount on the chamber and the logic would pause the print if run too low.

No, currently there is no resin sensor in it. for the specs I would need to check with the developers after the weekend.

@Snowfly I have checked with the devs, and on the current board, there is no option to add a resin sensor on the board.

What control board is in use on phenom at this point? is it just custom Chitu board with bigger led driver? or is the led driver separate board which has been just connected to the control board FET/Transistor output?

If they are separate boards then the control board can be updated to model/custom model later which supports the resin sensor.