Question about Siraya Tech Fast ABS-Like (White)


I recently got my Phenom L and love it so far I have been using the above mentioned Siraya Tech Fast ABS-Like (White) the prints all worked but I am not sure about the surface is it supposed to be rough or should it be smooth?

Cheers for the help

That’s typical layer height showing up because of the amount of tilt on the pieces. Get closer to 45 degrees and they go away. Square items like that really benefit from that angle.
Is your resolution about 100um? Even at 50um you will notice those if your angle is really low.


So at a steeper angle the surface should turn out smooth?

Yes. More or less. 45 degrees is the optimal angle. The other choice is to lower the resolution to cause fewer of them. Both work and have their own advantages, but generally you should start at the lowest profile to the build plate which is perpendicular to the plate (90 degrees) and work down from there. That won’t work for you because of the bridging, so 45 should be optimal.


There is some experience on chitubox, you can take a look, maybe it will help you

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Thanks, this is very helpful.