Question about calibration

Isn’t the calibration supposed to show a box like on the touch screen? I can’t seem to get anything to print and I have less than 50 hours printed on using my Phenom. What is the warranty on a new Phenom LCD if it’s gone bad early?

Please share the complete exposure calibration picture, if the square calibration picture is incomplete, please check

If the above check shows that the exposure calibration picture is still incomplete, it indicates that the screen has been damaged and the screen needs to be replaced. The screen is a consumable, it has no warranty service. If your screen time is less than 50 hours, peopoly will take care of you. Please contact us by email so that the peopoly service team can help you in time, thank you for your support

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I followed the instructions in this walk through but I cannot figure out how to get the LCD out without breaking it. It is strongly glued to the case. I removed the tape but it feels like I’ll break the LCD if I try to force it out of the glued frame. One thing that stands out about when I run my calibration that is different than in the walk through, I see on the LCD that the sides of the screen are creating a border but the top and bottom are not(to create the calibration square) and it looks like there is a line through my LDC screen. The line isn’t visible unless I’m running the calibration.

2 questions:

  1. Is there a trick to getting the LCD out without breaking it?
  2. What is the warranty time of the LCD? I’d rather not pay for a new LCD if this one is still under warranty.

It is not necessary to take the screen off to check whether the screen is normal. This is the screen manual.

You need to share a clear screen exposure calibration picture to know whether the screen is normal. The screen is a consumable, it does not have a warranty service. This is the screen replacement manual

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