Quality Vs Form 2?


I’ve recently been trying to evaluate the Peopoly Moai vs the Form 2. A friend of mine has been getting STUNNING prints out of his Form 2 and I’m really curious if the Moai can reach this level. I understand the Moai is much more hands on than the Form 2, and that’s okay. I’m just curious if the Moai can achieve the layer repeatability the Form 2 can to get this smooth a print?

I currently have a Form 1+ and I know its a toy in comparison. The reading I’ve done shows the Form 2 galvo control is a definite step up in comparison. I’m just curious how the Moai lines up.

I’d really like to get my hands on a sample print from a Moai, but Peopoly and MatterHackers apparently don’t do sample prints. I’d like to get one in my hands so I can make an apples to apples comparison.

The following is an example print from the Form 2. It was printed at 0.05mm layer size, I believe. I’m just amazed the quality this printers can output these days.

Thanks for any help/input!


no, the moai can’t reach that level of perfection especially with geometric shapes. but it’s a machine that costs 1/3 of a form2 and it’s less expensive to maintain. trade offs.


I appreciate the very straightforward answer. :slight_smile:

I imagine the Moai is better quality than the Form 1+ at any rate.

I’m very curious if the Moai 200 is going to raise the bar at all, but I suppose we are all waiting to find that out.


moai 200 is all about size. peopoly can’t compete with LCD printers but they smartly found a new niche (ie: big resin printing).

I doubt the moai 200 is about highest quality and more about speed and size.


If you get the settings tuned just right and use the right resin I have seen some pretty amazing prints out of the Moai that are very competitive with the Form 2. But remember… resin for the Moai and the parts are MUCH cheaper than the Form 2.


I would say you can get that quality but you have to be very careful with supports and keep your sizes down to prevent distortion. I would also try the Asura slicer once that gets ironed out to lower inaccuracies.

I’m in the middle of printing some science fiction style walls and I want to use SLA for my finals. I’ll post my results when I get to it.


I’m very familiar with the pricing for the printers + consumables, and there is not even a contest there. I guess I’ve been pouring through pictures of example prints, but a lot of them are either translucent, low resolution, or far away. I understand the Form 2 is probably more consistent and user-friendly, I’m just trying to gauge where Moai outputs ‘typically’ sit, assuming a decent amount of time has been spent tuning and a user has put in time to learn the Asura slicer and support requirements. As I said, ideally, it would be great to hold a print in my hands and judge for myself, but that’s been pretty difficult to arrange and I don’t know anyone with a Moai.

When you get your walls printed on a Moai, I would love to see the results!


You can order a print sample from the Peopoly store for 15 USD.


I saw that. It says “Order only when instructed.” When I contacted Peopoly they said they did not do sample prints and that should contact MatterHackers (because it was the US distributor). MatterHackers then said they didn’t have the manpower to do sample prints.

I told both I was happy to pay for a sample print, but that was the answer I got.


Oh that is odd. I printed a 100um Benchy for another user that wanted a sample Benchy and to know the printing time. Here it is:

I could print something and send to you if you are not in a hurry.



Thanks for sharing. I managed to find someone with a Moai who is going to send me a test print. I very much appreciate the offer, though!


Hi Docmani. I managed to get some pretty nice wall prints out of the moai yesterday and today. What do you think?

I think I’ll put on a primer coat to show the surface finish later on.


We have been using the Peopoly Moai for research for a couple of years now. In the lab and have found it to be a valuable asset. Before the Peopoly we had looked at Formlab and Titan printers, and both are closed systems for research purposes. Your really locked-in when you use them.

Lacking the flexibility required for research and the development of our resins, which Formlabs was not interested in working with us on unless we gave them intellectual rights on our research, so we choose to not work with them.

Peopoly executives and technical staffs were friendly, very accessible, and have been very cooperative with our lab before we purchased the hardware. Good luck with even trying to contact executives or Formlabs or Titan.

As for quality, the same class as your picture can is possible by Peopoly, but you have to work a little harder for it. Also, being an open platform, anyone can engineer their resins like my lab for graphene, superconductors in our case. So our experience is that for resin research and development you will not find a better choice out there in the laser market. Although Peopoly should not rest, as I have seen upcoming competition in their price range.

The other advantage is that we will deliver our graphene and superconductor resins either later in 2019 or early 2020 for laser printing on Peopoly. We are giving Peopoly users a chance to 3D print graphene and superconducting products.

For these reasons, if they match your usability, a Peopoly is a good choice.


Really interested in the products you are producing. Do you have a company website?


I very much appreciate the input here. I’m definitely on the fence between the Moai and saving my pennies for a Form 2. I would be using my printer exclusively for modelling. I don’t mind some clean up, but my hobby time is precious and any time spent doing clean up is time away from building new stuff. Then again, if it only takes a few coats of primer and a little sanding on the larger surfaces, it may not be a big deal.

I don’t mind tinkering with a 3D printer for a month or two to tune it, but I would hope once its tuned, its pretty reliable.

My friend with the Form 2 is more of a professional/commission model builder. He builds some amazing stuff with his Form 2, but he also has huge recurring expenses with resin and tanks. So, I very much appreciate the lower operating cost.

Decisions, decisions…

Thanks again everyone, and if anyone else has any pics, I’d love to see them!!!


I assume you have gone through the post “Show us your bits” on this forum.


Yes, I have gone through “Show us your bits” and it was very helpful.

I guess I should be more specific - That thread shows some wonderful prints, but a good chunk of them are primed/painted, too lowres or two far away to see the surface quality. Some of the close ups JPWestmas had in his thread were very helpful, for example.

One nice gentleman on this thread was kind enough to mail me a sample, which should answer a lot of my questions.

Again, I very much want to thank anyone who has posted. I don’t want to sound like some stranger demanding everyone convince him to buy this printer. :wink:

I actually think this ‘openness’ of this printer and all these people collaborating to further this hobby is amazing and I can see this is a great community. If I buy one, I do hope to contribute.



If your a researcher, scientist with a project or industrial user please let us know.


Glad to help out any time. The most tinkering I’ve done with the Moai is just making sure that every corner, nook or cranny is properly supported. Otherwise I’ve found the recommended settings and advice from Peopoly to be more than sufficient. Good people.

I haven’t used the Form2 but I would imagine that it’s not simply just plug and play, software doesn’t always make the right decisions for support material.