Purchasing replacement parts?


I’ve tried contacting Peopoly and Matterhackers by email and have not been getting any responses from either on this issue… I need to purchase a new power cable (the internal one that connects from the main board to the Moai housing) in order to provide the same kind of external connection for the heater since they didn’t include one with the heater. I hate running the cable through the door; it’s creating a permanent bend in the door as well as slowly crimping into the power cable. This means the power supply will eventually fail far sooner than otherwise.

Where can I buy spare/replacement parts?



Just to note that (at least for the first gen heater I received) the heater connector and main Moai power ones are a different size, so a spare wouldn’t really help. I think this is a good idea actually to avoid mixing them up. In my case I purchased a male and female connector to fit the heater from an electronics shop and soldered up an extension, then drilled a hole in the rear panel.

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I have the new heater, and while the power brick is a different output amperage, the connector appears to be the same (I’ll have to double check). Even so, the mounted internal cable would be nice, appropriately sized of course :slight_smile:

And just the ability to buy replacement parts as a whole really. Parts don’t last forever after all.



we have most of the parts on peopoly.net
if you don’t see what you need, email conact@peopoly



There’s literally no internal cables on the web store. Did you even read the request Peopoly? Why doesn’t the heater just come with the cable in the first place?



I have not heard of internal cables for the heater. From my understanding, most users drill a hole in the back to connect the cable from the inverter brick to the heater unit.




Yes - this is how it is done.



I’ve already drilled a hole the right size for the internal cable, but I’m not going to buy the $35 step bit needed to drill the MASSIVE hole needed to get the power brick’s own cable through the hole when a better and cheaper solution already exists in the internal cable. It’s ridiculous that we even have to have a discussion like this over a part that costs Peopoly all of 50 cents (and they could probably sell for $10, or just include with the heater in the first place).



Are we talking about the same cable? There is no need for any massive holes - the DC plug require a 10 mm hole at most.

I assume you are not planning to have the power brick inside of the printer enclosure.



Google Photos

Ref photo attached.

Also, at about 6mm, the acrylic starts to shatter if you don’t use a step up bit



This was the reason I ended up going with making an extension cable so I could fit a socket on the back to plug this into rather than feed it through. If you don’t care about actually having a connector on the back and just want to feed the cable through there are off the shelf extension cables for that sort of power jack are smaller in diameter.



This is my setup for the heater. I didn’t have a deep enough jack so had to go with the hot glue ‘mounting’. Obviously a deeper jack with a nut would be preferred. Without the jack a store brought extension through a hole would be fine as well of course. Tape is just to keep the cable from potentially shadowing the laser.



Ok - I placed my heater so that only the plug goes through the side panel.



@arden This is exactly what I’m asking for. This internal cable.



we will add this Monday



i used the larger power block and run the heater and moai off it through one connector. tested the amps and all that lame crap and it all checks out. then instead of putting it down the bottom i installed through the top alloy rail and tucked it up out of the way. tidy as and works well. dont know what the fuss is about with all these dam cables and plugs and yada yada

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@Malcolm_Hughes since @peopoly still hasn’t put the part up as they promised, do you think you could share photos and instructions on how you got things setup through the single power source?

@arden a source for that part would be a great help too, just as an alternate solution.

I’m not great at electronics, so I’m not sure how to find the parts of hack the instructions together on my own :\ So I really appreciate the help from other users; Peopoly’s official support has been repeatedly lacking.



@ShadowDrakken I don’t think I would be much help on a source since unless you are in Australia. I just went to my local electronics shop (Altronics) with the power supply and found a connector that fit.

I’d probably recommend an off the shelf extension cable rather than soldering one like I did. I’m just not sure if the connector is the 2.3 or 2.5mm variety. Perhaps @peopoly can confirm.



probably will throw a how to together, dam printer wont print again so i threw it in for a while