PrusaSlicer Support Export


For those that like to use other software for supports, I just noticed that the latest RC of PrusaSlicer now added the ability to export their SLA style supports to STL. Not sure what the quality of their supports is like, they looked pretty decent from what I saw though.

They also put their Resins up for sale now as well.

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pricing seems reasonable for 1kg its labeled as TOUGH but is it like the Tough resin from peopoly/siraya clear/blu?



Not sure, but they say ‘ABS like’ qualities. They also list being brittle as a disadvantage though. Not sure how well it would work on a Moai since it is designed for MSLA (LCD) and people seem to have had mixed results with those types of resins. Would definitely be interesting though.



slic3rPE is still in very early stage, the supports are fine but sometimes you can’t really make it work if the model is too complex.

as far as I know siraya blue works on the moai if you are using the fep vat.

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