Project Tripod. 1.0


That’s awesome and it gives people an option that want to keep using the old build plate. I imagine the best option is to take the build plate arm off and drill through that into the extrusion?


Yup :slight_smile: it is a bit more permanent though and if you mess it up there is no way back so need to be extra careful.

I drilled it with the arm attached but drilled it really really really slow, as in 20min per hole, all the while holding up the arm to avoid it moving or bending downwards. But it is probably safer to take it off and drill it through. I didn’t end up drilling into the extrusion itself but used a t-nut to attach it to the extrusion with two bolts from the bottom of the arm.


Yes with 2 holes drilled in the arm. If using a 5 mm bolt then take a dril of 5 mm.
And bring the profile so far as possible to the front.


Bedankt ( I think I heard Dutch TV in the back of the youtube video :slight_smile: )


Klopt helemaal :grin:

My first test print in scale 1/45 NS 2400

second test in scale 1/32 NS 6400

Still not happy with the results but much better

in green the new one


looks tons better then the last ones you circled in red. you might be able to get less lines by adding some tape (painters tape works) on the sides of the PDMS vat to make it more tighter when you slide it in to prevent it from sliding about that could be causing those slight shifts. helped me tons.


Ziet er inderdaad stukken beter uit.

I had to do the same thing with my PDMS vat as Kagekitsoon, added some cardboard folded and tapped to the sides of the vat to make it a really really tight fit that reduced layers lines for me, I also tend to rotate the model about 20/30 degrees with its lowest point towards the door. to avoid it being parallel to the build plate.


Man, when the Moai tries to print large flat objects, that’s when it shows it’s ugly side. Frits, even though that print looks better, I can’t help thinking you got something else going on??


Bedoel je zo ongeveer ??
Like this ?? Dont look at the support. :grin:

Is there a picture of the cardboard, how to and where


I can’t help thinking you got something else going on??

what do you mean


I’m afraid that is as good as the moai can print geometrical stuff