Project Tripod. 1.0


Haha… i guess we will see about that. =)

Will give news soon


Ok - it is time for me to unpack the ETL-plate then :+1:


Just want to see if there are any updates. :blush:


Very interesting idea. I have been toying with similar ideas ever since I saw the double Z axis on the Moai 200.

Trying to source some parts and wondering if there is any benefit to using these brackets over the 3D printed parts?


The 3D parts have a specific dimension. Those brackets will work as long as the the backend piece is exactly 9mm.


Gotcha, the ones I found are 14mm thick so 5mm over.
I’ll see what I can come up with :slight_smile: (Regretting I sold my FDM printer now :smiley: )

I’ll keep you posted thanks again for your work on this!


I had to print the parts for someone else for cheap price. If thats something your interested in just throw me a PM.


What is the length of the linear bearings?


They are just your standard LM8UU 24mm linear bearings.


Fantastic! Thank you. I asked because the bearings from Banggood state they are 23mm in length.


I got all my parts in for an all steel version and did a test assembly.
I will try and install it tomorrow. If it works out I’ll upload my parts list although I suspect this came out more expensive as I sourced everything locally in Canada where shipping alone costs a fortune :slight_smile:


This is awesome! T-800 Tripod :grin:

This should all work just fine you just have to line it up a little bit different than what’s in my directions. Look forward to seeing the final results!


I made it with some modifications and it is ready for the first print


Looks great! I noticed you ended up using the printed end caps… so the holes lined up perfectly with your metal bearing holders?


Thanks. The holes lined up great but i had to draw the end caps to change the inner dimensisions for the profile.
It was to tight. They where 20 x 40 and i made it 20.2 x 40.2.



and a other solution with linear rails and 20 x 20 profile


Do I understand this right and you attached the 2040 extrusion directly to the build plate arm?


I finished testing my set up and there is a definite improvement. I need to tighten my bolts a little more and probably change the way the 2040 is attached to the build plate arm as there is still some play there.
(and probably get a slightly longer one (30cm instead of 25) as I had to change my set up a little as things were a few mm’s too wide)
But the results are definitely visible.

The set up:

These are the corner tests (Sorry don’t have any old ones kicking around) but that is the sharpest D I ever had and probably the straightest I ever had one as well.

Did some tests on one of my more complicated models with flat surfaces (where I generally see the most ‘imperfections’)



Thanks again GIDEONkjv for this idea!


Yes The build plate arm is attached directly to the extrusion using the build plate bracket.

Glad to see you were having some success with the modification. There is quite a difference in that second model whatever it is (Old water/steam pump?). I think you might even get better results if you use the build plate bracket. It’s designed to be a tight very secure fit.

Looks awesome man and you’re welcome!


I took a gamble and drilled 2 holes through the arm and directly mounted the 2040 to it as that looks like what Frits might have done as well.
This means 2 M5 with a T-nut are bolted in from the bottom of the arm into the 2040. It isn’t going anywhere now :smiley:

It is an old steam engine in 1:87 scale :slight_smile:

And I can now use the easy to level and the old build plate (I like the old build plate as I have it perfectly levelled and still tinkering with the new one)