Project Tripod. 1.0


Whoever knows about these things… Would the Moai benefit from a flex-coupler so that the spinning threads only provide linear motion and not side to side motion? These allow the threaded rod some lateral movement:



Ok… so… before i try to move on…

When inserting the endcaps… you didnt push them all the way in… right?

Because with a 180mm extrusion the lenght of the whole assembly wont be 252mm.


No you don’t push them all the way on. You should have some play in the middle.


How hard was it for you to get the extrusion running smoothly on the smooth rods?

I might have to go back and use regular LM8UU instead of IGUS…

Everything runs fine up and down but as soon as i tight the screws from the endcaps (up and down) it completely binds and will barely move.

Rods are straight… so either something is moving after tightening the screws pinching the bearings or i dont know xD


With those bearings you’re just gonna have to play with it a little bit more. The polymer bearings are good for keeping things quiet but there is other aspects of them that I’m not quite fond of. In this application noise is not going to be an issue. But even then if it’s binding up really bad then there something misalign. When you tighten up those screws can you still move it up-and-down fairly easy or is it pretty well bound up?


I can still move it… it just doesnt come down on its own.


In that respect polymer bearings are going to bind up easier than a ball bearing. If you can still move it fairly easy then you’re probably going to be all right.


I will just switch to ball bearings =)


Sounds like you’re getting close though. Can you share a picture of the build?


Sure… here is a few.

I will take more as soon as i finish it. Changing the bearings now


Cool I like the orange motif! The printed parts are pretty clean!

Good job so far!


Its cool to see your projects come to life… right… hehe

Again… thanks for sharing this


You’re welcome.

Look forward to seeing the finished product!


Ok… Just finished.

Will publish photos soon… Just realized that the regular plate doesnt fit haha…

Im not a big fan of the easy-to-level plate but at least i have it leveled so i can start printing right away =)



So the original build plate doesn’t fit and this tripod system must be used with easy to level plate?


did you have to cut your rods? or did you find somewhere to get the right size?


Dude it looks awesome! You say the regular plate does not fit? I don’t even have one to check it with as my original plate got damaged and chucked (it’s a long story). I have been using easy to level plate since it was released and haven’t looked back.

You will have to take pictures so I can see. Looking at pictures of the original plate it looks like it doesn’t give enough clearance for the support bracket but can’t it just be moved back further on the build plate arm? Like I said I don’t even have an original plate so if you could send me some pictures that would be awesome.

Otherwise I really do like the orange build motif!!


@Whazaa… yes. As of right now only the easy-to-level fits this mod, not the original buildplate.

@Kagekitsoon… yes… i had to cut 320mm rods to 310mm in order for them not to protrude on the upper side. I cut them manually with a hand saw… slow and steady xD

@GIDEONkjv I really like the orange too =). As for the original plate… in order for it to fit, the arm bracket would have to go back almost half the entire surface area of the original plate. The original plate has the mount completely flush against the plate itself…

See here:

See what i mean? I dont think the arm has enough lenght for me to push the bracket until the original plate fits… i needed to move the bracket back about 60mm.


Well, that sucks! Well, yeah I guess this is a mod that will only fit the ETL plate. Like I said I didn’t even have one to do any testing with. I will probably look at it in the future here for a possible workaround, but as for now I guess it’s ETL or bust.

You don’t realize how big of a fatty that original plate is until you compare it to the new one! I have a feeling though that is soon as you start seeing the prints, you’ll quickly forget about the original build plate! Either that or you’ll be coming after me with a pitchfork and axe.:roll_eyes:


Still anxious to see your first prints though!