Project Tripod. 1.0


Well crap… sorry about that. I thought I had that measured right that’s what I get for trying to measure with the lid on. I had to cut mine, but I need to update the BOM. You can cut them you just got to cut them slow.

So basically even a 310 will protrude? If so They will all probably have to be cut because the next size that banggood makes is 285 and I can’t find a 310mm rod. I believe there are 300mm length, but that is too short.

Hmmm. I am Going to have to keep looking to see if there’s a company that can custom cuts these, in the meantime, I will have to update the BOM.

Again sorry but thanks for pointing it out.


No problem =)… just wanted to let you know so you can update the info on thingiverse.

A 310mm will work just fine. It will be a bit under the top side of the top frame so its cool :slight_smile:

Yea… i will cut them to size.


Cool, keep me updated on the build. I am going to see if I can find these in a 310mm, or find a place that can custom cut them before shipping. I believe you can order Misumi rods to any length, but they are expensive…:roll_eyes:


Yea… misumi rods with misumi bearings would be the best setup =)


hmm, I guess I was wrong about Misumi rods… not as expensive as I thought and you can get them in any length. I will have to make a link. Grant… Misumi rods are overkill for this project, but at least you can get them in any size.


Just out of curiosity? Did you check if your rods were completely straight? Sometimes they look the part but are actually bent…

I’ve seen a few like that… i heard Misumi has a really tight and good QC regarding that. I bet that would be a plus for some people.


Yes, I checked them. Might be a good thing to add to the instructions as well.


Any reason you prefer grease over oil? Like sew machine oil for example…

For the sake of science i will probably use IGUS bearings (polymer) to see how they perform.

They work best with holders that do an even amount of pressure to the bearing… which is the case with these holders (or it seems to be), i havent tested the fitting in the holders but if the bearinga are nice and snug in there i belive the IGUS will work just fine and there is no need for lubrification


The pro-one grease I listed up above was the grease recommended to me by a rep from Musimi. I imagine a good oil will work too.

How is the build coming?


I’ve been quite busy with work.

Im gonna start the build later tonight and will let you know how it goes =)…


@GIDEONkjv So. Another thing i’ve noticed.

The 1st step says to use M5 15mm low profile screws to grab the bottom rod holder and then use M5 nylon nuts to secure it.

It seems that 15mm is too short for the nut to properly grab the screw. You need a longer screw. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm, the screw is suppose to go in the other way (with the groove)… can I see a picture of the side of the print where the screw is protruding?


Doesn’t your lower rod piece have this groove?


From the photo it looked like the screw goes in this way…

But anyway… no… my bottom piece doesnt have that groove. Only the top piece.


Nevermind… I know whats wrong… I have the wrong lower rod holder .stl on thingiverse. This was the original lower rod holder that I used, but I updated it. Im sorry your being the beta tester for my flub ups, but I can send you the proper .stl or just use a longer screw.



No problem!! Thats what we are here for. Update the file. I will download it and print again hehe =)


That picture up above is the proper .stl I just uploaded the wrong one.:persevere: I will have it uploaded shortly. Do you by chance have any larger screws so you dont have to waste time printing another one?


I will have to check… but no problem =) I dont mind printing it again.

Let me know when the file is uploaded :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay, the proper file is uploaded. Again, sorry about this.