Project Tripod. 1.0


I am working on a page for thingiverse. I am nowhere near having instructions, but I am going to share the files there for those who don’t generally need instructions


I have the “basics” up on Thingiverse along with the .stl files.

Another test print photo using waxcast. Very first print with this resin 60um, and NEVER had it come out this good!!


I have updated the Thingiverse page to include the new upper rod holder which eliminates the need for the shim on top.

Added a “Bill of Materials” to the thingiverse download files. I should have build instructions done within the next few days.


Wow that is smooth! I’m very tempted to try this!


I’m in. I really like that you made this mod so it isn’t permanent (does not require drilling or any other permanent modifications). Just ordered the parts from banggood. Looking forward to seeing more!


I just wanted to make people aware in here that I mistakenly uploaded the wrong corner bracket on Thingiverse (The piece that connects the bottom rod holders to the Moai). It is all corrected on Thingiverse now, but please make note. Sorry for the confusion that it may have caused!

I will hopefully have the how-to manual uploaded later today or tomorrow. Doing as much work on it as I can between my regular job and other obligations.


What is going wrong here

Just wanted to update that I have added the assembly manual to the Thingiverse files. Happy building, and please send me PM’s if you have any questions!


My parts are apparently being delivered in the middle of March, so I have some time… :wink:

Seriously though, I was curious if you had recommended settings for printing out the plastic bits? Fill percentage, etc…


Print settings and recommended material are mentioned on GIDEONkjv’s Thingiverse page. Follow the link above.



The bearing holder, what did you use? I dont see the file there.

Ooh… btw… thanks for sharing the project with us!!


The bearing holder is somebody else’s design but I have a link to it on my Thingiverse page.

And… your welcome😉


Completely missed it!! lol

I will post results from my tests aswell!! Parts should arrive by next week.

Fortunately i have a local Extrusion Manufacturer that sells v and t slots with custom sizes so i can order one with 180mm =)


Cool. My directions are hopefully pretty explanatory, but if you have any questions during the build then let me know.


P.S. I wish I had a local extrusion manufacturer!!


You have to be careful to not over-constrain mechanical designs. A single larger steel linear rail is better than two of them. Look at the Bridgeport mill. It has one rail, not two.


I understand what you mean, but the extrusion and a few printed end caps is actually very minimal weight added to the motor. I don’t doubt there are other mechanical designs that might be much better, But I wanted to go with the cheapest and the least intrusive, yet still effective. After a week of use I can tell you it’s been a joy to print with the results I am getting.


The results look great. We will be studying this and see how we can improve Moai as well. Great work, @GIDEONkjv


I wasn’t going to add anymore photos but I was so happy with this recent print that I wanted to share them. Last time I tried this print it failed pretty bad… might possibly be because of the original model, but in any case I was really happy with how it turned out this time.

Tough resin,
53 laser,
Tripod system.


Can’t wait to build my tripod. Parts coming in a few weeks…

Pictures look very promising indeed!


This looks great! can you post wireframes or an Asura screenshot?


Hey @GIDEONkjv

The 320mm smooth rods. They need to be smaller. In the instructions says that 320mm ones wont protrude but they do :stuck_out_tongue:

I measured 310,3 from the bottom plate to the top of the frame.