Project DFA Information


Hey, I just noticed Project DFA off the main site. Top down with a large build volume, looks just great. Do you have target for price or release? If not when might we see more information? Also do you have plans to release a kit version? Looking forward to seeing more on this.


DFA is under development so so set price yet. kit version is an option. It shares the same lineage as Moai and our goal has always been creating great tool at a great value. It is more geared for Pro users and shops tho.


I really like the look of this. Looks like it should solve two of the main issues with the Moai.

  1. Build plate suction issues should no longer be a thing.
  2. No refractive distortion which increases with distance from centre of the vat.

Is no.2 true? How much of the distortion is due to refraction and how much is down to galvo / other effects?

That build volume is also very attractive. I eagerly await pricing info and hope that I can justify it as a hobbyist!


Don’t forget to do the math for the amount of resin you need to operate this type of printer. I believe it has to be full to operate. It holds at least 27 liters of resin @$70/liter that is $1,890 just to start it up.


Haven’t tested it myself yet with Peopoly resins, but if their density is less than glycerin, then just fill up majority of the tank with that. Thats what I do with my Milkshake3D printer.


Ouch! That would be closer to $100/litre for me once UK import duty and tax is slapped on it. I wonder how long it can be left in the tank? Presumably it’d be a different chemistry.
The glycerin idea is pretty cunning though.
I think I’ll have to sit this one out - I see now why this is more geared towards professional use.


If there is a distortion adjustment on the laser in the software, I would purchase one today!


Yep glycerin is the way to go. You dont to ruin such vast volume of resin on any event that could happen while printing.


How do you like the milkshake? I almost pulled the trigger on one. Now I see this is in the works. I want something that can print large figures/statues in one go.

Is there any time frame guesstimate on a release date?


we are going to do a field test before launching DFA. Expect to see more in next 2-3 weeks.


Any new news on this bad boy?


being print a lot with it. need some updates to liquid surface tension measurement and control


Is this going to be Laser or DLP, I am very interested in this before i buy a Moai, I already have a FL2


Watch the video:

Its a laser.


still wondering how bad (or good) is distortion on the sides.


I would think it would be better then a projector


Iam really excited about this printer, I already have a peopoly moai and like it a lot, do you guys have any news about it? It’s possible expect the release of this bad boy for this year already? Can Anyone explain a little bit more about the glycerin thing, I can’t pay for a full tank…


The tank is filled approx. 90 % with cheap glycerin and the expensive resin floats on top of that.


hey guys, i saw that peopoly just relesed the new Moai 200, wich is considerable bigger than regular peopoly…the project DFA is still runing? any predictions about the release date?


we found resin can still solve gylcerin when it is in there long enough. so it may not be the ideal solution.

DFA is being worked on and is a separate project than Moai 200. DFA is definitely more geared for industrial users