Problems with Phenom L

Hi everyone
We find some problems during the printing of this object. I attach photos to explain what i mean .
1-Displacement on borders
2-Bad quality on the surface with supports
In photos you can find what i’m talking about, if someone have had problem like this and had have solved it, Please help us!
We have dirt LCD screen, can I clean it with IPA ?

Thankyou to everyone can help us

In what angel have you printed the piece and what is the wall thickness of your print?

Sorry to hear about your printing problem. The most effective way to provide you with the best answer is to get as much information as possible from you.
The information we need from you:

order number
Where you are
Machine serial number (at the switch position in the lower right corner of the device)
Question survey information This is a support survey and covers factors that affect all key factors. Some may be answered, while others seem to be irrelevant to the question at hand. Please answer as completely as possible:

You can download it as a Word file and put the answer in

Hi, angle is about 30 degrees and there’s no wall, is a huge piece, holes is from 1 to 1.5 mm diameter

We are from Italy. Most of our problems born with the displacement caused by supports. Lot of pieces are fine but now we encountered those problems. Help us please. I attach file you need to check it to email .
Best regards