Problems with fep vat


Hi, we are printing with a Peopoly Moai.
We started printing with a PDMS VAT but we had some problems so we have to change it to a FEP VAT.
We are printing models with high precision so we have 0.05mm layer height.

I attach a photo with our problems with the FEP VAT:

  1. First (you can see it in the photo) there is a bubble line in the printed model, which is in the same position in all our printed models.

  2. Second there are some layer lines that you can see in the model and it can be touch, the ones which are more highlightable (the ones marked on the photo) are always at the same point of the figures, we have printed with different types of situation or different configuration and it always appears at that point.

Both problems are bad for us because we cannot measure the figures so we want to fix them.

We tried to update the firmware to the beta version and it doesn’t fix that.
We also change our configuration to the one suggested for the FEP VAT, setting the PM motor speed in 12 and this doesn’t fix it.
We saw a video about removing bubbles but it appears that the bubbles are created when it starts to print.

With the PDMS VAT we didn’t have this problem.