Problems printing with Tough

I am new to the forum and to SLA printing, but have had good success so far with standard Peopoly clear model resin. I adjusted my settings and tried to run Tough several times with no luck.

The first attempt yielded a thin layer of adhesion to the build plate, followed by the rest of the part curing in the vat.

I added more, thicker supports and upped the laser power by 1, to 54. This yielded more adhesion and it actually resembled a part, though still a big failure. See pictures for details of part and setup. I’m using the easy-level plate, the FEP vat and the Moai heater. I also let the chamber heat for about 30 minutes before beginning the print.


Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

Adding to this thread, image of part with supports in Chitubox and support generation settings:


for FEP the z reset should be at least from 1817 to 1820 or more, personally i set mine to be 1822

When I print normal clear resin, I don’t have an issue with adhesion at this level. Do you think the resin type would make a difference? Also, easy level plate make a difference? I notice that at these settings, the build plate comes into the vat and visibly pushes it down. Is that OK to go even deeper?

different resin types does makes a difference, although ez-plate doesn’t have effect with resin type.
you can increase the z-reset for 1-2 at a time and test with the DIY-test file, the difference here is how the z-reset affects the peel motion