Problems printing with Siraya Blu and Sculpt [Phenom L]

I am a fairly new user of the Phenom L and was hoping to get some feedback on some problems with different resins. I have only tried Siraya products so far, and with Simple I have almost 100% success rate, though with Sculpt and Blu I have had zero success, about five failures with Sculpt and now two more with Blu.

Steps I have tried: heating the room, leveling countless times, changing FEP film, pre-warming the resin, and spreading a drop of lubricant on the FEP sheet as some people on youtube have had success with.

I’m attaching photos of the latest test print failure. Most of the cubes stuck to the FEP and the ones that did print were especially brittle compared to the same printed in Siraya Simple. For this I used the Blu settings profile that came with the other Peopoly profiles for Chitubox.

For leveling, is it best to level with or without the vat in place? I have seen tutorials doing it both ways. For this latest test I leveled without the vat and raised it 0.1mm before zeroing.

Are there any signals to look for if the build plate is zeroed too high or too low?


Sculpt and Blu are both difficult to print resins, and the resins have a high viscosity. Especially for large equipment like L, it is recommended to use Def and fast resins. Or heat the resin, printing above 28 degrees is ideal. Or it is recommended to use them in combination, the success rate will be greatly improved. In addition, it can be moved down 0.3mm during leveling to improve the adhesion between the model and the screen.

Moving the build plate down that far is something I have not tried, thank you for the tip. I’ve seen people on the forum here having success with Blu so I would really like to try to make it work, as the strength and clarity is important for my projects.

I will also try a 50/50 mix with Fast to see if that helps. If I do that should I still keep with the standard Blu settings or are there any parameters that I should adjust to the midway point between Fast and Blu?

Also I’m curious how Neo compares to Deft because ultimately I would like to print totally clear. Does Neo mix well with Blu? Siraya told me that Simple Clear does not mix well with Blu and there are no completely clear Fast resins, just the smoky black.

The conditions used by bul are relatively high, and there are certain requirements for the model. The wall thickness is required to be above 2.6mm. If you mix, stick to the Blu setting. The viscosity of Neo resin is lower and the exposure time is shorter than that of Deft. Relatively easier to print. It is recommended not to mix them. These are two different resin systems.