Problem with X-flip on one NOIR

Hallo Peopoly support team.

I have 4 NOIR. 3 print very well and identical … but 1 device prints x-flipped.

Its important for me that i can use the same printing-files on all devices, so i cannot switch-off the X-flip in the software.

Whats the problem? A twisted cable of the LCD? I changed the LCD on the printer already. Maybe the LCD´s are not identical?

Please for help. Thanks.

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sorry to cause you doubts. I want to ask what is your equipment purchased? Because the installation process of the screen is different, the mirror image printing may be selected in different directions during printing. You can contact the peopoly technical team, they will help you further

What was the answer to this?

I’ve just received my brand new Noir and it prints x flipped too?

Having the same issue myself while doing the exposure test.
any new information?