Problem with Phenom printer

I am having a problem where it seems it stalls and deposits extra material around the print. This has happened before but it was a lot smaller amount of material and easy to smooth out. however now on the last print, the extra material is about .25 of an inch. Print is ruined. I have about 250 hours on this printer so far.

Thanks for your help.


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Thank you for your response.
As you can see in the photo of bad print there is extra material deposited around the print at the drawn line. * have been using this printer for about 250 hours so far. some of the prints have some smaller amounts deposited around the prints, but this is the worst, please help me figure out what is the problem. the photos outline the print and supports and resin used Tenacious flexible. Please email me if you have any more questions Thanks for your help


Tenacious is relatively difficult to print, and requires a higher printing temperature, which must be above 26 degrees. You can choose to mix with Fast resin for printing. Please do not select the filling and printing function when printing. If you choose to fill and print the middle part of the model and still seal it, it will produce a lot of pulling force during printing, resulting in printing failure, and resin is likely to remain inside.