Problem with firmware 1.18 and the PM motor

I just purchased a Moai used, being new to resin printing I wanted to go over the machine to make sure it’s setup properly. I updated it to the current firmware 1.18. then started the process of leveling. But I ran into a problem. When I started printing the leveling print file after about 20 layers the PM motor that raises and lowers the Vat started raising it up less and less. And by layer 40 it stopped raising it and lowering it at all. Just had a clicking/grinding noise.

After a bunch of messing around I thought it was the PM motor going bad. But if I powered the machine off and back on, it would raise back to normal.

So I thought it might be a software problem. So I found the firmware 1.16. And it raises and lowers perfectly.

Should I just stay with the old 1.16? Has anyone had this same issue?

@peopolysupport @peopolysupport3

it’s fine to stay with 1.16, as long as it doesn’t give you any problem
although i suspect that there’s something gone wrong while you re-flash the firmware, most users do it doesn’t have any problem

Thanks, I might stay with the 1.16 just as long as it’s working. Cause I tried updating the firmware 2 different times to 1.18 and both times had the same problem. Maybe I had a bad download? Is there another place I can download the 1.18 upgrade? @peopolysupport


Unfortunately the source on moaiwiki is the only one