Problem with calibration

I build my moai kit, but during calibration it seems there are some issues. The laser does not follow the circle and seems to be flickering, I double checked all the cable connections, but can’t find an issue there. Is there a problem with my galvo system? I uploaded a video so you can see what’s happening :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,

Did you work through the advance Moai calibration.pdf instructions?

With the two potentiometers you can adjust the circle diameter in the X and Y direction:


Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:
I tried this and kinda got it to follow the circles, but I noticed that the laser makes lines perpendicular to the cricle it is tracing. Is this normal? I tried swapping the x and y galvo’s to check if I accidentally mixed them up, but this does not seem to change that.

from the video, although i’m not sure what’s causing it at the moment, i’m suspecting 1 of the galvo mirrors is deformed
can you open the moai and show us the galvo unit?

Ofcourse, no problem. Here are a couple of pictures of the unit.

visually, it does not seems to have any problem, how do you see it up close?
can you run the circle test again and film the galvos

Here is the requested video, also wondering if the zooming sound is normal?

it does not look the have any problem there, and the laser reflection does not show the weird pattern
did you follow the advance calibration and got it fix?
the zooming sound is the motor, it’s normal

I tried the advanced calibration, I got the cross in the middle by loosening the x calvo holder a bit and got the laser to kinda follow the circle by adjusting the screws.

But I ran into two issues. The first issue is that the diagonal line of the cross center seems wobbly

The second issue is that the laser does not form a point on the outer circle but a line (I lowered the laser power to be able to capture it on camera)

Is there anything I can do about these issues?

you can put a piece of paper in front of the laser diode and check the laser spot to see if that line is caused by the laser diode or the mirrors system
the videos are really helpful

Here is a video of the paper test: .
The problem appears to be in the mirror system then? The laser point does have a halo around it on the paper, not sure if that is also a problem?

Thanks for helping with troubleshooting this :slight_smile:

i was really hoping that it was the laser instead, since the galvo is the most expensive part of the Moai
reach out and explain your problem, to see if we can help you with the exchange

Alright, I sent them an email. Thanks for the support on this forum.:+1: