Problem while calibrating the Moai



I have just received the Moai and I am trying to calibrate it. So I have completed the build and everything seems to be working.

But when I send the yuan gcode file to print, the laser turns ON but it does not “move” and it seems to be out of the VAT center.

Anyone has experimented this type of issue?



Do any other g-code files work? Does the Z-axis and platform move at startup?

I am assuming that this is the Moai 130.

Check the wires to the galvos to be sure you have good connections to the correct connectors. Next check the SD card reader connections for bad solder joints. If all of the connections and wiring is correct, but the galvos are not moving regardless of g-code file, then you may have a jammed galvo or galvos.



a video would be better to look at this problem.
check the galvo cables to see if it’s loose or not fully connected
also does it makes any sound?