Problem printing past first few layers


I have the easy level build plate and the FEP vat. I can’t figure out why my prints keep failing. I’ve already ruined one sheet of FEP film trying to scrape the hardened resin off the bottom of the vat. I’m at my wits end with this.



Could we get some settings and what resins you’re using?

I have the exact same setup, and the biggest issue for me was over-curing the resin. As soon as I turned down the laser power a little, everything started behaving itself.

Hope we can help out, but we’ll definitely need more info to go on :slight_smile:



My setting are the default for the 1.18 firmware as described in the config page. I’m using the Peopoly red resin with a laser power set at 58. I sliced the model in Cura at .1mm layer height.
As far as the corner pin heights, I’ll have to run that again and see where I’m at with those.

And advice for getting the resin off the FEP film without destroying it?



You mean cured resin? That was the point where I was a little concerned things could be over curing as I’ve not had much difficulty removing resin from the FEP, just used a plastic scraper with minimal pressure.

Update us when the corner height calibration test is done. Aside from not having enough supports I rarely have anything break off these days. Do you recall how thick the tips on those supports are? I rarely use anything less than 1.2mm unless it’s a very very small part.



FEP require more care, the 1st picture shown that the problem here is not peeling force but rather the support.
try to increase the supports density and the tip size, that should fix the problem
by the way you should stir the red resins, the pigments are condensed in the bottom of the bottle making it appear orange



in the wiki for fep vat, many settings will improve printing on pdms vat as well (except z-reset). This includes support settings in Asura which use 1.2. These settings were developed for Moai 200 to deal with much higher peel force and works for 130 as well