Prints too small


So, I printed a moai leveling adjustment tool but it came out a tad too small maybe 10-20%. The tool was specifically designed for the 7mm nuts that should be turned to level the vat. Any suggetions?

Other than the small size, my first “real” print went fine.


If the dimensions are sound, then just adjust the size in your slicer, as you would with an FDM printer. Resin will shrink as it polymerizes and SLA does cause dimensional aberration as the incident angle of the beam grows. However, I am guessing you are experiencing the classic lack of WYSIWYG dimensionally in 3D printing.


I found the problem. Somebody cramalammed a swiss cake roll into the disk drive!

Just kidding

The problem was that I had failed to select a calibration profile in Asura3D when slicing. Once I re-sliced it using the profile the part came out perfectly (or good enough to perform the intended job).