Prints peeling off phenom build plate

My print rafts are forever peeling away from the build plate as the prints progress. It’s like the supports become too short and then curl the successfully printed raft off the build plate. Please see the image for reference. What am I doing wrong?

Sorry to hear your printing issues. The most efficient way to provide you the best answer is to get as much information from you as possible.
Information we need from you:

order number
where you are based
Issue survey info Here is the support survey that covers all the key factors affecting. Some may be answered while other may seem unrelated to issues at hand. Please do answer as complete as possible:

you can download it as word file and put your answers in

Most of the time spent on support is to get the right information from the user so we can verify the situation and provide help. To make sure you get the best and quickest help, we created this survey to get as much key information for printing as possible so that we can provide the correct solution and spot any issues you may have in your setup in addition to the issues you reported.

Any photos of failed prints or issues, even if the failed object is still on the plate or in the vat, is very helpful.

My order number was Peopoly phenom order PP5786

ex1 ex2 ex3

Please see images of the print falling from plate and peeling away from build plate as print progresses. It happens very early in the print process and is even on small items, sometimes I’m lucky and they stay attached long enough to complete the print although it is often distorted. Often there are also layer shifts but I assume this is all part of the same problem.


What type of resin: Grey Anycubic standard Photopolymer Resin however the same happens with Peopoly Professional UV Resin

Firmware Verson: unknown – as provided with the printer at time of purchase early this year.

Exposure parameters (please take a picture like this)
Room temperature (it is best that resin temperature is above 20C for Deft resin: 23-24degrees


Does the printer show rectangle on print screen with calibration function under Tool?

Yes it does, its currently attempting more printing but it looks fine. I can send photos later if required.

(Please take a picture of that rectangle, from top filming down so we can see the entire screen)

Did you do the leveling check with a piece of paper (step 9 of the setup guide)?

Yes and I have tried various 0.01mm variables to see if this was the issue, it still always peels off the build plate


software used to generate support and export print files Chitubox

Support settings in the software you use

See x 2 images…

Support arrangement in the software you use. (How support connects to the object)
If the object is hollowed, what wall thickness (or if the object in thin) 2.7mm thickness

Post-processing N/A

What kind of cleaning solution? 90% Ethanol? IPA?

How is the print washed? How long is submerged?

Did the print completely dry inside out before post-curing?

How long was the post-curing?

The bottom exposure time should be increased to increase the adhesion between the model and the platform, or move down by 0.3mm during leveling. You are using a third-party resin printing, and we don’t know its printing parameters. It is recommended to use the resin printing recommended by peopoly