Prints look like slightly melted wax


Hey guys I’m having a little trouble.
I’m using NEX grey resin with laser power set to 51 at the moment but my prints don’t look very sharp and in some areas of the print it looks like slightly melted wax. I’ll post pics in a few days (I need good sunlight to get a good pic).
Basically, I did my first ring test print (all holes closed with laser power set at 58) which had a little of the same “melted wax” problem but my post processing was crappy so I blamed that initially. I did a second ring print with perfect game tight post processing (laser power set to 51 and 75% of holes open) but still had a little of that slightly melted wax look. A few days ago, I printed up a model I did up in (cryptically) a certian 3D modelling software. I just wanted to see how a more complex shape would come out. It had that same slightly melted wax look. All the lines should be sharp. It almost looks like it’s printing up perfectly with sharp lines but extra resin is getting cured over the original shape giving it rounded edges. I can even see where resin has dripped down and then cured in the form of the drip. Also, there is extra resin curing where it pools around the supports where they attach to the model leaving these little “volcano” looking deformities.
Anyone have any idea what’s going on? Sorry that I dont have pics up. I’ll get’em up in a few days.



if it still seems to be over cured, you can lower the laser power until it’s good



Ok this pic is my first ring test print (laser power 58). Details not too sharp and all holes closed. A little of that melted wax look too but its hard to see in the photo.



This is also the first ring test print.



This next pic is my second ring test print (laser power 51). Details a little sharper and like 75% of the holes open but melted wax look about the same.



for hi-temp resins, only print at 51 laser power or lower



Ok I’ll give 48 laser power a try thanks. Here’s another couple pics of a project I’m working that show the melted wax problem a little more clearly.





Ok I just completed a print tests at laser powers 47 (completly failed), 49 (ok but a little soft), 50 (good) and 51(best). Unfortunately, none of these settings fixed the problem. Also, when I printed at lower power settings, some strange banding that was only a little visable in the first print became stronger. I put arrows in this pic as its a little hard to see in the pic.

Any ideas?



nex resin is not for small detailed items. I believe it has been formulated to hide the layer lines at low resolutions (60, 80, 100um). The downside is loss of definition and details especially in the support area.



Ok thanks.
I was thinking to try some normal peopoly grey resin as I’m thinking I’ll get sharper lines. Most of what I’m doing is hard surface modeling and the normal grey resin might be better suited to this. Especiall at the small scale I’ll be printing at (1/35th scale miniatures). Does this sound correct to you or is there anything I may be overlooking?

Thanks matt3o



The normal gray resin is definitely better than Nex for your application. I recently picked up some new Nex after having a bad experience with the original Hi-Temp last year. Nex is better than that original Hi-Temp, but it’s not as good as standard gray.



Ok thanks for the info. I’ll buy it when its back in stock and post the results.



Unfortunately, it seems like the non-NEX resins are getting hard to come by… MatterHackers and Peopoly’s own website both keep showing out of stock and/or raising prices :\ I’m loving Peopoly’s low odor and easy handling, it would suck to lose access to the non-NEX resins…



Yes it would sucks hard if they didn’t get it back in stock but I’m sure they will. If I get my hands on some I’ll post here. I didn’t know MatterHackers sold it. Thanks for that!



Just to let everyone know. Peopoly grey resin is back in stock on the Peopoly website.

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