Printing with Rubber Resin

We had many successful prints using Deft and 3D Monocure resins. Although the tool printed beautifully, the resin is not the best material for our purpose.

I searched for a rubber resin and found one by Wanhao. We are having difficulty finding the right settings. We have been had some pieces print perfectly but never an entire successful print of all pieces. Also have had complete failures with no attachment to the build-plate.

Changed FEP and ensure build-plate was levelled yet still experiencing issues.

Has anyone used Wanhao rubber resin? What settings did you use?
If you used another rubber-like resin, what was the name of the resin and what were your settings?

All help appreciated!

Any resin that cures with elastic properties will deform during the peel phase of printing since it is being pulled in two directions. If the peel is not of sufficient distance to to overcome the deformation successful release from the bed will not occur.
Likewise sufficient Tim is needed after separation for the cured part to return to it’s original shape before being put in contact with the print bed.
Firm pressure onto the print bed could deform or shift the last printed cross section resulting in errors.
In short, it will be very difficult to successfully print accurate elastic parts with any process that requires peeling/deformation between every layer.