Printing Walls In SLA


Hi everybody,

Here are some first couple of attempts at printing some flat walls that have quite a few details on them. I was initially thinking I was going to get some warping and finishing problems but remarkably I only got one major warping issue in the small doorway and the finish is pretty smooth for 60um. This is where the supports failed where the base got mushy.

I printed the wall twice and the same exact spot got mushy. So it might be under-curing in that area for some unknown reason. Anyone else experience this?

I think the problem is partly that the resin I have is getting old. Second problem is perhaps the room was a little too cold even with my space heater. Anyway I’m very confident this problem can be solved and that I’m very impressed with the Asura Slicer and Support generator.

Oh. and this is the FEP film vat, I followed the recommended settings precisely for the blue peo-resin and vat.

Quality Vs Form 2?

if you can indicate where is the warping on the model, that would be great.
some of the supports didn’t print out though, personally i would not recommend the full base one but rather the circle base, this one would cause a lot of peeling force on the FEP vat


ohh I didn’t know there was an option for the base. I would indeed prefer individual bases. Thanks for that tip.

I was just getting warping along the doorframe where the supports failed. I suppose it could be the suction messing up the base, like you said.
Setting the vat motor speed to 12 and incresing the thickness of the support beams to 2 appears to work really well for thin walls otherwise.


how did the print go with the new settings?


The good news is the supports all printed beautifully now with small round bases. The bad news is that I tried printing a different wall model but I missed a few key areas with the supports so I got some ugly deformations. User error, but I feel really good about these settings!