Printing stopped half way through a print!

My Moai has just stopped half way through a print. I would rather not lose the print. Is there some way to try to restart it?

I have hit [pause] and [recovery print] with no effect

This is gcode that I literally just printed successfully - I just put it on for a second print.

My options seem to be: Turn the machine off and on again; or hit [stop] and hope there is some kind of [restart] in the menu after that!?

Any help much appreciated!

I don’t think there is any way to restart it from the point it stopped.
If you turn off the machine and try printing again, the build plate will come all the way down and probably rip open your PDMS layer, so I would definitely not try that.
I am afraid you might have to start over :sob:
But I am not a hundred percent sure, so you might want to see if somebody else has another idea.
Any idea why it stopped printing mid print?

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Do you have the layer number?

Its halted on layer 674 of 1578 - at 50 micron layer height. All the print I can see above the liquid looks just fine.

I have no idea what happened. :’(

OK - so I won’t turn it off and on. Should I get the build plate out? It’s going to be messy as the print is obviously jammed up against the bottom of the vat PDMS… :confused:

Anybody know what happens if I hit the [stop] button?

If you hit the stop button, it should peel the vat and then bring the build platform back up. Not sure what happens if the print has stopped mid print though. I have not had that happen to me yet?!

Ok, well I’ll give it another few minutes, then I guess I will try [stop] and see what happens!

I’ve never tested it so at this point it is just a theory. If you were to edit off the beginning of the gcode up to layer 675 it might start at that height. But here’s the rub, the only way I would try that is if I pulled out the build plate to see if it starts at the right height. If you pull the build plate now you probably won’t have good alignment with the previous part of the build. Unfortunately I think your going to have to restart the print unless your feeling real adventurous.

I am SO not that brave!

Going to [stop] the print. Hope it works…

So. The Moai was completely unresponsive to [stop], [pause], [restart], [recovery print], none of that had any effect whatsoever on the machine.

In the end I had to turn it off and extract the build plate AND the resin tray AND the partial print as a single unit - very carefully obvs. It just about all slid out forwards. Once I had it out I could clean everything up.

When I turned the Moai back on, the build plate arm moved up and the tray holder tipped as if nothing had gone wrong. I still have no idea what happened. I’m trying another print - same again, to see if it repeats or just works this time! :confused:

Sounds like that was the right thing to do!!
Good luck with the next try

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If you don’t already do this I would recommend rebooting the machine after each print.

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I usually turn the machine off between prints as a safety measure. It’s off before I open the door, so no laser blinding type events can take place! :slight_smile:

I guess it is possible I didn’t turn it off this time, especially as I was reprinting quite quickly. But it does feel like a habit now.

Don’t really want to test this by doing two prints WITHOUT turning it off in between, just in case it does fail again…

@Lyndondr have you had problems when you tried to do one print after another without switching off?

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The Platform Motor only homes during power up so if there were any lost steps or any other thing that might happen rebooting the machine is the only way to be sure everything is fresh and go to go.

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Well, just to report that the reprint after the reboot worked just fine.

Many thanks to you guys for being there in the middle of an emergency! Thank you :slight_smile:

just wondering if @peopoly knows what could have happened. should we always reboot after each print?

@matt3o - yeah I think I will just in case. Losing all that time and resin was a right pain, and I was lucky to get the assembly out without too much trouble.

Sorry for the late reply, guys. An unusual stoppage is usually caused by sd card read error or power fluctuation. Lots of users reformat card before a large print. And I would recommend you buy a Kingston card locally (in US/EU/UK). As mentioned in very early threads, we had some problems sourcing good SD cards in China. We have since updated the firmware to be more robust with SD cards but I would recommend getting a card you know is from original OEM source.

@peopoly Mark, this was not a particularly big print. And I am using the card supplied with the machine. Are you saying I should replace it? I’m printing right now so I cannot check it but its green and a Kingston card I think…

Blue 4Gb Kingston as supplied by @peopoly

Can you please confirm if this card is suitable for use with your machine. Many thanks!

Its fine - I have the same one and have never had any issues or had to reformat the card after ~100 different prints. Though others have had issues with their cards and cards of other manufacturers - so what the underlying problem is - a particular card, the card reader board, occasional software glitches, a particular OS formats the card incorrectly, etc - I am not sure there has been a definitive answer to this.

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