Printing sticks to the bottom of the resin tray

Does anyone know why the printing was stick to the bottom the tray instead of printing stick on the block platform? When printing was done, there was nothing on the block platform, but there was a single layer piece on the bottom of the tray.
What’s wrong with it? and how do I solve it?

there’s no information for us to work on here, are you using Moai or Phenom?
please post your:
Moai/Phenom settings
slicer placement and orientation + support formation
if you are using Moai, what is your build plate type? vat type? resin type? how is your leveling?
please post pictures, that would help better, pictures of the failed attempts at many angle would be best


After printing, there is nothing on the build plate, but there is one single layer piece stick in the bottom of the resin vat.


you are using Neon green, and from the pictures, it seems that the resin is not mixed. You need to shake the bottle before use so that the pigments spreads evenly and to avoid to much pigment at the last bit of resin

The laser power for standard Neon green resin is 58

please try again with the ring-test gcodes

have you gone though the Moai calibration?

I tried with new grey resin and changed laser power. However, it still came out nothing on the build plate. There is only one layer of printing stick on the bottom of the resin vat like before.
I did the calibration but when it came to the DIY-test and ring test, it still printed nothing on the build plate, and it only prints one layer in the resin vat.

This means that you need to re-level the vat, loosen up the screws should put the vat in higher position for the Moai to peel correctly, please follow this guide :[]=leveling