Printing problems - Phenom

Hi everybody

We’re attempting to print some pieces with phenom but there’s some problems.
I attach photos to show what happened, Can someone explain how to fix it?
Strange thing is that in the printing, half its ok and after 10h (on a total of 23) issues begin and became huge problems from last layers.
Two small pieces, a squared plate and a lactice cilinder are perfect.
Printing settings are from chitubox and the resin is the peopoly deft gray, tempeature between 25 and 30 degrees.

1- One object after few layers disappear (last photo)
2- Hole into the object (third photo)
3- Something that i can’t understand happens at the end (photos 1,2,4)

Thank you to anyone can help me.
Sorry for bad English :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear your printing issues. The most efficient way to provide you the best answer is to get as much information from you as possible. Here is the support survey that covers all the key factors affecting. Some may be answered while other may seem unrelated to issues at hand. Please do answer as complete as possible so we can provide best recommendation and even share some additional tips for you. The survey can be found here:

Any photos of failed prints or issues, even if the failed object is still on the plate or in the vat, is very helpful.


There some photos about the print, its clearly visible where the problems are. Some mistakes on the upper side(last printing layers), very big hole at the centre and one part not printed (photos of the cleaned vat with some layer sticked to it). So we checked the things included into the survey and here it is the datas.


-What type of resin: Deft grey

-Firmware Verson: V4.2.21

-Exposure parameter (default for deft 50um)

-Room temperature (it is best that resin temperature is above 20C for Deft resin: above 25 but sometimes higher


-Does the printer show rectangle on print screen with calibration function under Tool?

-Did you do the leveling check with a piece of paper (step 9 of the setup guide)?

Yes we cheked last time we run the print


-software used to generate support and export print files CHITUBOX

-Support arrangement in the software you use.

With Chitubox I use default and automatic generation


The problem is only about printing

Cattura4 Cattura Cattura2 Cattura3

hi, judging from the picture, the support is a bit small and the pulling force is too large. The support should be added with heavy support, and the drawing distance should be increased. You can also adjust the printing direction. It is helpful for your model to print successfully. Deft resin has specific printing parameters, you can select Peopoly in the device and it will automatically have deft printing parameters. But you have to download the new chitu software

Hi, we tried to download the new version of chitu and apply the heavy support, I calibrated the plate anyway but the problems are still here. Chitu set up for printing is relative to default for deft resin 50um. Please help us to solve it.


hi, from the picture, it should be that the wall of the model is too thin. The wall thickness of the model printed by the Peopoly device is required to be above 2.5mm.