Printing layers detail [Noir]

Hello All,

Could somebody please tell what is wrong here?

A1 was the first print, but something went wrong so I stopped.
A2 is the exact same file. I just cleaned the machine and tried again
B1 is a new file.

Chitubox V1.6.4.3 Beta
Peopoly Noir v2.11
Printing in basement…room temp around 18 Celcius

I have no idea why the layers are suddenly so visible.

Please help. Thank you in advance!

It’s difficult to troubleshoot without knowing what happened with the A1 print? What went wrong that caused you to stop the print? Can you post a picture of your .ctb file showing how the object was oriented and supported?

Are you using the Peopoly Deft resin? The temperature might play a role here as 18C/64F is pretty cool for optimal resin performance. My workshop is usually around 24-27C / 75-80F.

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Thank you DrPsych0tic!

Printing with Peopoly deft resin yes.

Its not the actual ctb file but thats more or less how I was printing A1.

I assume that It was not really the best idea to put the head beneath the shoulders. I noticed during cleaning that resin was stuck on the FEP where the head was printed. So when shoulders were being printed something got stuck…with below result.

Sorry to hear your printing issues. The most efficient way to provide you the best answer is to get as much information from you as possible.
Information we need from you:

order number
where you are based
Issue survey info Here is the support survey that covers all the key factors affecting. Some may be answered while other may seem unrelated to issues at hand. Please do answer as comSorry to hear your question, please share the Z-axis lifting video for further inspection by the technical team. Thank you.plete as possible so we can provide best recommendation and even share some additional tips for you. The survey can be found here:

you can download it as word file and put your answers in

What is a “Z-axis lifting video”? What should be on it? And does it mean there might be a hardware issue?

Refers to the video of the printing device’s work. It is necessary to provide pictures or videos to determine whether the device has problems. Generally speaking, the relationship with the hardware is not very large. Most of the settings that appear in the printing parameters are related to the resin.

Hello Peopoly,

Could you please guide in me to what the issue could be? The Noir has less than 50 hours, always printing very fine…now the ridges are so wavy… Could you please advice what todo?

  • I moved to a warmer room
  • I changed the fep.
  • releveled again and again
  • All settings are stock as per user guide.

That’s a curious effect, you should try opening the sliced file in chitubox and it should show you what it actually sliced like, which might tell you whether that’s a slicing error or something to do with the print going weird.

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This is the file…

Also weird is that the supports on the left seem fine…compared to the right

Most of the time spent on support is to get the right information from the user so we can verify the situation and provide help. To make sure you get the best and quickest help, we created this survey to get as much key information for printing as possible so that we can provide the correct solution and spot any issues you may have in your setup in addition to the issues you reported.

Any photos of failed prints or issues, even if the failed object is still on the plate or in the vat, is very helpful.


What type of resin: Peopoly Deft

Firmware Verson: v2.11

Exposure parameters ; My Settings……

Room temperature (it is best that resin temperature is above 20C for Deft resin:

Temperature …around 25 Celcius


Does the printer show rectangle on print screen with calibration function under Tool?

(Please take a picture of that rectangle, from top filming down so we can see the entire screen)

My Picture….

Did you do the leveling check with a piece of paper (step 9 of the setup guide)?

Yes multiple times


software used to generate support and export print files

Chitubox V1.6.4.3

Support settings in the software you use (like below)

No Support settings (Test file from Peopoly)

Support arrangement in the software you use. (How support connects to the object) (like this)


If the object is hollowed, what wall thickness (or if the object in thin)



What kind of cleaning solution? 90% Ethanol? IPA?

Monocure3d, IPA 99.9 %

How is the print washed? How long is submerged?

Submerged in Monocure3d for a few minutes, cleaned with IPA after

Did the print completely dry inside out before post-curing?

How long was the post-curing?

@peopoly_support3 Is this ok for Z-axe video?

When printing, make sure that the rotation screw of the platform is tightened, and the fixing screw of the resin tank is tightened. Check whether the Z axis is loose

I checked and one of these was not tighten at all… Printing the test again.

Can I buy that part as a spare?

After tighting the one lose screw…the print still has ridges… What can I do next? Ive been told that the rod is bent…Can you comment on that Peopoly?

The loose coupling on the Z-axis may be caused during transportation, just tighten it. In addition, you can check whether the elasticity of the FEP film is normal. Share your new print model, and check if the problem is caused by the screw.

Left is before and right is after tighten the screws… as you can see not much difference… The FEP is new.

Ill make a video later again from the rod…I noticed that its wobbly…

Can you give me options in what todo next please?

  • Is there a heavy duty x-axis available like you have for moai?
  • If not…how much does it cost to replace the x-axis for the Noir?

Can you share your video? This problem rarely occurs on the z-axis. We will give a solution as soon as possible. Please reply by email so that the peopoly technical team can follow up in time

You can see a swing to the left…

hi, it is recommended to print the document blank and observe for a period of time to check whether the LCD is shaking. It is roughly judged to be caused by the LCD screen and needs further confirmation. Thanks for your support.

This enough?