Printing large flat surfaces with the Phenom L

Hello Peopoly forums,

We recently got a Phenom L. So far we haven’t got a good print yet, and we keep running into issues.
We recently learned that resin printers are not good for prints with large cross-sectional area. The problem is, that’s exactly what we’re trying to print.

Does any one have advice on how we can printing without deformation?
I’ve tried:
-Heating the platform and resin
-Making sure the print setting are what’s recommended by the resin manufacturer
-Making holes

The only thing I haven’t tried is printing this vertically at an angle. I haven’t tried this because it takes a ton of resin and 2 days to print.

Does anyone have any advice for print these large pieces?


Choose the right resin and adjust the printing angle to increase the support density

What would be the right resin?
I’m using Monocure Tuff which was recommended to me by my supplier.

Choose the correct resin printing according to your model requirements,
There are many types of resin, and the models printed by different resin materials are different. Recommend Siraya resin.

I would print it standing up. I use Daft resin . make it hollow no less then 3mm