Printing issues


We have bought the Peopoly Moai i year ago but haven’t printed too much with it because it is not accurate at all. I am not sure if it is my fault or a printer fault.

I needed to print an object which needs to be extremely accurate so i gave it a try again.

The model should be 70mm wide and 100mm long.
The model is 64.5mm wide and 94.8mm long, that is extremely off.

Also the material cracked all over the place and is not even hard, I printed it last friday so i could cure for over 6 days. I also bought the Moai UV light but even than after 24 hours of curing it still isn’t really hard and it get extremely yellow…

Can i please get some help?

i didn’t get what you mean

the print should only be in curing with UV light for about 30 minutes or an hour, 24 hours it would get brittle and the model become yellow indicates that it’s over cured too much
you should remember that there’s a 6% shrinkage after the print is cured, you would want to take that into account during pre-print

Thanks, but the model you see in the picture hasn’t been under the uv lamp at all, i took it out of the printer, submerged it in alcohol to clean it (let it in there for a couple of hours), took it out and let it dry and cure by itself. I can live with the 6% shrinkage but non of the dimensions are right, also holes are not round but oval (not in a good oval way), and the model is not straight at all, even now after almost 2 weeks the resin is still not fully cured but soft and bendy

You didn’t mention if you had calibrated your printer. That is essential if you want accurate parts. It also looks like you are printing large, solid areas. Doing so will result in excessive shrinkage, wasted resin, and more stress on the hardware.

Your print should only require about two minutes in an alcohol bath, and about 30 minutes under a strong UV. The part absorbed a lot of alcohol, which is why it is so rubbery.

as @Joseph said, it’s CLEANING using ethanol or IPA, not submerging the print, a few swipe with a brush in the solution is good enough
about the holes are oval, it’s due to the shrinkage. The shrinkage are vary and depend on the shape of the model, so it does not shrink evenly, the longer side may shrink less while the shorter side almost stays the same size


did you ever manage to figure out the cause of this?

i’ve resumed using my printer after over a year of not using it, and i printed also using the clear resin and printed a small object that i’ve managed to print successfully previously, but now everytime i print i get the exact same cracking that you experienced