Printing failure


Hi everyone,

I am currently facing some printing issues on a quite simple object.

As you see in the image, the support could not be printed on the base on the build platform. I wonder what is the reason behind this issue?

I am using Moai with a new FEP vat.

these are the general setups of the machine:
Room temperature: 21-23
Firmware version: SLA-125 V1.18
System Setting is default per Peopoly recommendation? (Yes/No) Yes
Build plate type: (Standard 1-piece / easy to level) Standard 1-piece
Vat: (Silicon vat / FEP vat) FEP vat
Cura Version and Profiles: Asura
Infill %: 50
Laser Power: 59
Z-reset position: 1815
PM Motor Speed: 8
Z Follow Speed: 8
What type Vat: (Peopoly Original vat, Recoated Peopoly vat, custom vat made by user) FEP vat
What type of resin: Peoploy white resin
Leveling measurement:
A: 10.6mm, B: 10.7mm, C: 10.6mm, D: 10.6mm

Thank you.


infill too low needs to be 70% make sure you download the latest Cura or get the latest profiles for cura from the wiki. Flat objects should be printed at an angle. for FEP vat you need thicker supports and contacts. id avoid using a raft.


Is there any reasons behind printing a flat objects at an angle? Is it better to use the individual foundation instead of raft foundation for each support stick?

Thank you for your suggestions :slight_smile:


Printing at an angle helps with peel force and in most cases reduces layer lines. Peel force on you first (important) layers has a lot of strain put on them which I am willing to bet is causing your separation. Kagekit is right… you also need to change infill to 70 and generally you dont need to change this setting unless you are printing something soft (tough resin, was resin). I would also change my settings to 58 laser power. I am willing to bet your issue will be gone when you angle your print and turn up your infill.


there are a few things that you need to adjust
infill : always >70%, if you don’t want a fully dense object, use hollow function in asura
laser power 58
some supports are printed correctly while some are not, make support with bigger tip
use circle base instead, the full base is not good in FEP vat
tilt the model about 40-50 degree instead of printing strait


Is this the proper way to print the object in this shape? or I should rotate it in the other direction.


the orientation is fine but you should decrease the number of supports, just increase the density will give you the same strength and also reduce peeling force


are you still having problem.

make the tip from 1 to 1.2

if you are using Asura, then the infill is by default 70%

the base is good with individual base for each beam, not the large plate one piece you have been using

let us know