Printing failure-jewelry

New to 3d printing, many years as a goldsmith. Using Moai 130.
Downloaded a wide band 3d model. Opened it in Asura, generated support.
Sliced/generated gcode. All I’m getting is the base and a little of the supports.
I have formatted my chip. I’ve been successful printing out the pave’ test ring several times.
I’m using Photocentric3d resin for laser printers. I’ve left the settings standard except for lowering the laser to 53(produced more complete holes in test ring). firmware 1.18
I will include a picture of my result as well as a picture of the stl file. If anyone one would be so kind as to give me some guidance

, I would be grateful!

Given it didn’t stop at just one layer, it would likely indicate that the supports failed/were insufficient. I’m assuming you’ve cleaned the vat as there is likely a flattened version of your ring stuck to it right now.

I think the way to fix this is will likely be by rotating the ring slightly so its angled like the little doodle on the left of the image below. In addition, maybe a few more supports, and ensuring that the supports are well adhered to the model, as in the right part of the image below it looks like your supports might only be slightly contacting your model on complex surfaces.

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