Printing different object than what is in G-code


The printer is printing something that has no represented g-code anywhere on the card. I don’t even know how it is deciding to print the picture on the right.

What could possibly cause this? From what I have read there are faulty card readers on the machine that have to be replaced. Does this look like something that would be from a defective card reader?


Have you tried to reformat the SD card yet? That would be my suggestion first.


Make sure you’re running the latest firmware version 1.18.

And always format the SD card, then create a folder in the root directory called “gcode”, and then add your gcode files to that folder. And always make sure to power cycle the machine before starting a new print to ensure that memory is cleared.

Never overwrite or delete-then-copy files to the SD card and expect it to work every time. There’s a long-standing bug where the file reader seems to fail to read FAT cluster addresses properly. This can manifest as printing a previously deleted file, or printing a new file that then transitions to printing an older file about half way through, resulting in weird file overlapping artifacts.


OK I’ll try that. This happened to a previous print as well, it was a good 20 hours into a print then started printing the picture on the right.


yeah give the advice that @BrianStone suggested. The SD cards that are supplied are very touchy, and have produced some results I’ve never seen. I personally use a Kingston card with a micro SD I haven’t seen these issues with this method, BUT I do format after every print, frustrating, but it seems to be totally fine.


reformat the SD card will fix the problem


Also be sure to power cycle the printer between each print.