Printer storage

Is there any issue with using this printer in a storage box outside on my balcony? Or is there anything I especially need to be careful of?
Basically, I am worried about the internals rusting or something like that.
Temperature will be fine as I already use a thermostat controlled heater.

It depends on the climate where you are, usually it’s dust or humidity. No need to worry about rust

Ok thanks. Although I’m based in Japan, so summer humidity is a killer. If it’s not the rust, does the humidity affect the resin?

Not the resin, rather the hardware of the Moai, a couple desiccant pack should do the trick
Most of the frame and components is aluminium and coated so rusting is not likely
Do remember that you shouldn’t let the resin stay on the vat for more than 3 days without use, it will becomes thicken and make a lot of problems later on with re-leveling. It’s best to pour it back to the bottle and clean the vat if you are not using it frequently.

Ok, thanks very much for the help