Printer stopped halfway

Hey all,
So I had started a new project last night. It was printing well until this morning when the printer stopped the print and reset the build plate as if it had completed the print. Has anyone else experienced this?

All my settings are defaulted on the printer
Grey Peopoly Resin
30ºc in the chamber
Firmware version 1.16

Check the solder connections on the sd card reader board. Post a picture of the connections. Seems like half prints or printing an old file on top of the print started is common.

Otherwise you may have had a corrupted file and I would recommend that you reformat your sd card not using a quick option. Use the overwrite or full option to wipe the card.

@Lyndondr Thanks for the feedback. I will certainly report back once I get home this evening. I will also reformat the sd card to ensure there is no corruption.

After you mentioned the soldering, the weird thing is last night before I started the print I heard what sounded like an electrical buzzing noise or something like a circuit shorting. Hopefully, this isn’t a hardware failure. I’ll post pictures of the guts later as well.

@peopoly What is the procedure if in fact there is a hardware failure on my printer? Just trying to get ahead of the problem.

If you have a hardware problem, like bad solder joints on the card reader (very, very common), then you should contact the place you purchased your printer for a replacement part. If you bought from Matterhackers, they are super-supportive with these issues.

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@Joseph thanks for the tip! I really appreciate it. I hope it’s not a bad solder issue as my business revolves around this printer working full time. So we shall see. Thanks again

@heyitsry it looks like something to do with file IO, likely a bad sd card reader. Because they are built to test and some times damaged during installation / dissembled, they are the most frequently broken. Once sd card reader is working correctly, it will just keep working until someone try to remove it.

@peopoly I contacted MatterHackers and they are sending me a replacement SDcard reader.

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