Printer menu appears to be frozen

I got my printer January 2018, it was running firmware 1.15
Set up was fine and I ran many successful prints.
It has been sitting unused for quite a while, and when I started it up today, it homed the z axis and vat, but I couldn’t select either Print or Settings, the dial didn’t appear to do anything.
I updated the firmware to 1.18 and still the same issue. The actual connection to the dial appears fine, the printer hasn’t moved, nothing should be out of place.

Did some more fiddling and solved it.
For anyone who has the same issue, or has a printer that has sat unused for many months, it did appear to be a problem with the wiring connections. Nothing was loose, but I removed and plugged the connection for the switch back in a couple times on both ends to clean the connections, probably some minor corrosion preventing a good electrical connection.

Sorry for not responding sooner. I am glad you found the issue and it is working properly for you.