Printed objects deformed


I haven’t been able to print an object for 2 weeks.
Everytime I print something (and I tested with different resins and setttings) ends up kinda pealing and with scales or something, see the pictures:


Before you start mentioning that I provide no settings, let me tell you that the printer was printing fine before, and from one print to another started doing this. I was using the default settings for the Moai 200, and I tested with grey resin, blue resin and tough resin (the one in the pictures).

The object itself is the same as I used before, still the same gcode file as before which used to work. What does this to the objects?

Hi @joaoduarte, sorry for the late reply
i saw your post on fb as well but it would be better to move the conversation here so that future users can see if they run into similar issues

i have a few questions,
What is your resin type? it doesn’t look like it was curing correctly
Have you tried other models that worked before ?
It looks like you used Chitubox to generate your supports, have you tried using Asura?


Like I said on the fb post, I’m using peopoly tough resin, with default settings (Smooth 50, Z Motor Speed 2, PM Motor Speed 10, PM Reset Position 80, Z Follows 2, Z Initial Speed 2, PM Initial Speed 10) Laser power I’ve tried with 58, 60 and 52, it always ends up like this.

I’m using b9 creator for supports and Asura for slicing, no chitubox anywhere, (that’s how bad the print is when you can’t recognise the supports :frowning: )

I’ve also tried peopoly model gray resin and blue resin. It is not about settings or models or supports or slicers, because the printer was printing just fine before, and they were the same gcodes in the card. All models (gcodes) that worked before, now fail.

I think it might be something mechanical but that’s why I’m asking here and on facebook, because I cant figure out what it is. I was hopping either your tech support or someone else with experience, by seeing an object with that kind of defects might recognize the issue, and point me in the right direction.

I’ve checked all cables connections, leveling nuts, tilt platform, all seems ok.

Now my suspicions, the mirrors in the galvo seem to have a little bit of dust, but it’s almost nothing, could that be a possible reason? And if so, how to I clean them? Because all manuals warn you to never touch the mirrors in any circumstance.

Also, I have the PDMS VAT with FEP film on top, which I changed recently. No matter how well I get rid of bubbles, following this tutorial and this tutorial, they always end up reappearing after printing. Could that be the reason too? And if so, how do I avoid them reappearing? Everytime they appear, I have to remove the resin from the VAT, clean the VAT and loose the back screws and repeat the end part of the 2nd turorial.

I could really use the help.

It must be over curing, with tough the laser power should be 51-52 only
please refer to this spread sheet :

try again with the ring test and see how it perform

Could you please stop giving me standard troubleshooting replies and actually pay attention to what I’m saying?

Didn’t you read what I said in the first paragraph? “I’ve tried with 58, 60 and 52, it always ends up like this.”

I know that spreadsheet quite well, I’ve been through all you documentation looking for answers. I’m starting to be very frustrated. I haven’t been able to print anything right for over 2 weeks.

Sorry for that @joaoduarte, i will try to make my reply clearer this time
First, for the laser power, you said you have tried many laser power. But the best way to know how if the resin was cured right is to run the ring test print and see how the holes are formed. If you can print the ring test at laser power 51 as recommended and show us the results, that would be much helpful

For support, i would suggest to generate and slice with Asura, your support generation currently is dense and weak, which is not great on tough resin

Overall, tough is “tough” to print, it would take some try and errors.

I’ve have printed tough resin before with success, and this never happened. And this happens now regardless of what resin I use.

But since you seem to always be doubting me, I’ll do the tasks you want.

Tough resin, laser at 51, test ring file as you requested, this is what I got:

The holes are mostly closed, some are open. But the Moai is printing awfully so there are always these side weird layers showing up, like fish scales. These are the problem.