Printed object with deep stepped lines



I didn´t find the exactly issue, but the possible causes were: a heater that I installed, it was probably interfering eletromagnatically; z and bed screws, I´ve done a full check (there´s a guide in Peopoly´s Wiki about that). These two issues resolved my stepped lines. I hope it can help, I´ve stopped printing for the last month since I´m moving to a new space (a small studio space, 3d priting ready), but I should be ready for my 3d printing small business in the next weeks.


this is guide developed after feedbacks from several users with the patterned light[]=interference

perhaps it can help you?


When the glitches align with the mesh geometry it is hardly an interference issue. We discussed long enough about it here Weird striping effect and it’s basically a slicer issue and the best way to fix it is to reorient the model. @Blastamon


we used to think it is only interference or slicer. We have since found several cases where

  1. z-axis lead screw is wobbling
  2. part of the platform was loose (axle) and it shifts regularly

Streak perpendicular and deformed

This might be a case of slicer issues. I scaled it up and printed it larger, it has the same parallel lines. Now the lines are also larger and further apart. It definitely leads me to believe it is a software issue.



told ya. I know a slicer issue when I see one :wink: @peopoly dedicated slicer, man!


the lines are pararell to the vat? how are you slicing this piece? @Blastamon


The lines are parallel to the vat. My slicing is from cura.


which Cura?

We have fixed some of the slicing issue with Cura 3.5.1 slicing engine which is embedded in Asura 2.2. I recommend using Asura to slice and see if the effect persist.

Also, have you checked for the interference issue? It was what cause several users problem.