Print Warping Issues

Link for more photos:

Hi, I just received my new FEP vat for my Moai and took the time to level it and set it up. I even bought a fresh bottle of Siraya Tech fast grey to use with it and after a couple days of printing this is my situation:
Ran part successfully 3 times
4 failures in a row for the same part
Replaced FEP and ran a successful ring test
Ran the same print for the 5th time and achieved the above result.

The first four failures only printed the supports and the actual part was a pancake on the bottom of the vat. I am finally getting some adhesion it seems but it seems the supports are not straight and breaking at the ends. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated and I can provide any more info if need be.


Hi @Braunbar,
I’ve replied you via email, we will continue this from there