Print stuck to FEP Film


I am working with a novel resin that is supposed to be flexible, for a while we were having some attach to the buildplate but only the first few layers, so we turned up laser power because we reached out to the creators of the resin and they reccomended increasing exposure rate which is done via laser power and speed, which we decreased as well, but now we are having the prints stick directly to the FEP film and not the print head no matter what we do even when we restore it back to the origional settings where we at least got some portion of print.



What was the temperature in the printer?



Just to clarify we are trying to get the print to not stick to the film and instead to the print head and are having no luck



I found three things were causing this kind of failure for me:

  1. leveling the easy level build plate using the easy level feature… the plate was never actually level or very secure, which caused it to not have proper contact. I switched to fully extending the plate and treating it as a standard built plate instead.
  2. Vat leveling; FEP is more sensitive about vat leveling than PDMS because the acrylic sheet prevents it from flexing
  3. Resin suction; you HAVE to make sure the resin is within the optimal temperature range, and unfortunately even then you’re going to have a really hard time getting any wall thicker than about 5mm from releasing because the suction ends up too great. Hollowing the model solves this, and if you can get away with 2mm thick walls you’ll be doing great. 2mm walls is surprisingly robust btw.


Thank you, attempting to level the vat, it was sticking to the PDMS vat too, so I think it was the leveling.