Print Orientation of iPhone X Case


As I`m new to SLA printing, I trie to understand the system. Now I trie to perfect my understanding of Printing Orientation. I searched a little on Thingiverse and found this:

How would you Print this?

Flat produces to much suction, I would say :wink:
Vertical has the smallest cross section, but is unstable while the Vat tilts?
Leaning it with a certain angle on the back would increase stability but also leave the Support Structure marks on the outside of the Case. You can remove them pretty good, but I would prefer leaving the marks on the inside of the Case. So printing it so that the inside points on the “ground” with a certain angle would be the best Solution? But in this case, there are the worst overhangs.

So how would you print? :smile:

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To be brutally honest, I would print that on a FDM printer, not a SLA printer. First, the bed on a FDM printer would better support the large thin elements of the case. Second, because you can print flat, you will use less support material. I am guessing that you will use twice as much resin for supports, than for the actual case. And third, I am not sure that the resin has ideal mechanical properties for the case, whereas an FDM printer can print nylons, ABS, and reinforced materials that might work better. Also, by playing with the head pathing, you might get a stronger product.

When choosing objects to print, you do really have to think about the limitations of the printing process. And, I would say that that object plays to almost all of SLA’s weaknesses.

Standout and tilt at 45 degrees to the side of the case that faces inside of the phone. You should have offset to raise the object by at least 3mm. There will be some support along the way of the side that is tilted. It is not easy to examine and describe without an STL file or a cura screen shot. Perhaps it is best you set it up in cura/mesh mixer in how you will try to print and do multiple screen shot.

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You can make that printable with meshmixer!

he starts at around 3 minutes with the information you want, start with getting the software all installed and import that phone case model you like, tilt her on a 45 degree angle suitable for a beautiful SLA printer like the Moai. :slight_smile: don’t get discouraged either!


Normally you would be totally right. But I love to see the limitations of all types of my machines.
So i do unusual stuff with them :smile:
Ok, i will try that in a later moment. For now I will give my printer some time to relax. :smile:
Thanks for the Video. It helped me a lot also for my other models, as I previously used other Software for the supports. And now with the Moai I got in contact with Meshmixer.

I also want to print a iPhone 11 pro max case. I bought a new iPhone and I look for some case that fit it, then I found the waterproof case is good, it is 360 degree full protective, like this.
It seem a little hard to print this case. The first thing trouble me is that what materials I should use? The resin, ABS, or the other materials? How do you think?