Print orientation and supports

Hello, I have been struggling with one specific part for a while now. My current media is DEFT and my machine is a Phenom noir. I have been printing it in this orientation and it always seems like a fight to remove supports. Any assistance in making this less of a headache would be appreciated. I would attach the STL but I don’t know how to do that.

The first two things are that you want to angle your print in a 45° angle and also don’t use Rafts.

Can you describe a bit more in detail what you are fighting with.

I’m mainly fighting with the amount of supports and how to free them in a quicker cleaner manner beside small side cutters and an hour of time. As an update I just printed this one out with smaller supports so hopefully that helps, I have yet to start cutting them away. @Bridger can you elaborate more on the 45deg angle and no raft? I’m pretty new to all of this.

I guess you use Auto Supports, you can lower the density to 30% and manually add more if you feel the need to do so. You have to angle your prints accordingly.


I just got around to clearing out the light weight supports I had in my last print and they pretty much pealed off like Velcro. I am attempting to print this one now at a 45 with 60% light supports at 70deg, I’ll have to give an update later.

Don’t use light supports with a large printer like this, you have to use Heavy Supports.