Print missing layers. Part of print stuck on vat


I see some supports without anything attached–specifically under the arches. Was the arch base closed?

Unfortunately, I now suspect the issue is more likely the thin material folding during peels-and resets. This leaves you with ~4 options: 1) print directly off the build plate, 2) add a significant number of supports and/or print a thicker first layer(s) (e.g. 100um); 3) change the orientation of the model to a more stable configuration; or 4) try to optimize the peel to protect the fragile first layer. Unfortunately, I also think that this model might benefit from using PDMS instead of FEP.


The arch base was not closed. There is a slight bit of material I didn’t remove from the 3d model in between the arch. When clicking the generate supports button in Asura. It does not optimize well and raises the model instead of just generating supports under the raised sides. The base prints perfectly when the model starts from the build plate. I think I might need to just manually draw supports.


if the bottome is flat, you don’t have to print with support you know. Especial with a print that does not have a lot of surface area on the x/y axis